Shipping policy

shipping cost

within germany shipping is free of cost. within europe the shipping fee is 6€, from 50€ onwards shipping is free of cost.

currently we don’t ship to switzerland yet. swiss customers can place an order via the platform for sustainability reasons we don’t ship outside of europe. all parcels are delivered

by dhl green co2 neutrally

shipping duration
we intentionally don’t work with big e-commerce logistic centers. instead, all orders are processed

locally in a workplace for people with disabilities at stiftung mensch. please acknowledge that our

shipping can’t be delivered next day as you might have become accustomed to by big

corporations. generally, all our domestic parcels germany are delivered within 2-3 working days.

shipments to other countries can take, depending on the country, up to 7 days. in all cases you

receive a tracking code after placing your order