plastic upcycling ∴ participation ticket

plastic upcycling ∴ participation ticket

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new! our upcycling program

we will upcycle your pet trash and will even pay you 1€ for every 100g of pet plastic via a voucher for our online shop

does this sound good? then get your ticket now for sending your pet trash until the 31st of august (extended deadline)! as soon as your package has arrived we will refund the fee of 5€ plus your payout

what is this really about? as of now, less than 20% of the german plastic trash is being recycled*. together with our community we want to take action against this plastic pollution! the collected pet material will be shredded and upcycled into durable bathroom accessories here in our workshop in northern germany.

this is how it works:

  • we can only collect pet plastic. pet material can be identified by the label that is imprinted somewhere on the plastic (usually the bottom or the top). normally it sais “pet” or there is the recycling symbol ♻️with a 1 in the center. however, other numbers declare other plastic categories and we cannot use those!! also we cannot use containers that do not show any category at all because they are mostly made from non-recyclable mixed materials
  • we only collect cosmetics and food packaging. in order to make a safe product from the trash we collect, we can only use uncontaminated containers. so please only collect containers from your kitchen and bathroom
  • we cannot accept any products that contained anything dangerous. please do not send us any containers that have a warning symbol on the back. with those we would risk any harmful substances remaining in the plastic and contaminating our products
  • clean all containers. did you know that only clean plastic an be recycled? this is also true for our plastic collection! so please clean all containers inside and outside before sending them to us
  • remove all labels and caps. labels and caps usually consist of different plastic types. mixing different types of plastic could ruin our recycling process so please remove both before sending them our way
  • please do not send us any german pet beverage bottles for pet beverages there is a great recycling system, which works really well. we want all the other pet plastic that nobody else wants!
  • please send us at least 200g of pet plastic. everything else would not make sense from an ecological point due to the shipping, even though we use dhl go green climate neutral shipping
  • you can only participate if you live in germany or austria

For now we will be collecting until the 31st of august! if you have collected at least 200g of plastic which matches our guidelines, buy a ticket. within 24 hours this will be processed: as soon as you receive a shipment notification you can start by filling out our online returns form. you can then print the return shipment label or simply walk in to the post office with a QR code and send it to us for free. (important note: you can not cancel your ticket anymore after we have issued a shipping label)

we are working just like a plastic bank. as soon as your trash arrives at our warehouse we will register the receipt and check, if your trash meets our guidelines. only if your plastic can clearly be identified as pet, is clean and does not contain any labels or caps it will be weighed. after that you will receive a voucher for the 5€ deposit plus the amount you receive for the pet you sent. if, for example, you have sent us 331g pet, you receive a voucher code via email for 3,31€ + 5€ = 8,31€, which can then be used in our webshop.

we are looking forward to your trash! in case you have any questions, just send us an email to>

*source: Plastikatlas 2019 by Heinrich Böll Stiftung

shipping cost
within germany shipping is free of cost if you order for more than 10€. within europe the shipping fee is 6€, from 50€ onwards shipping is free of cost. all parcels are delivered by dhl green co2 neutrally

swiss customers can place an order in our webshop via the platform or via our resellers active in switzerland

for sustainability reasons we don’t ship outside of europe 

shipping duration
we intentionally don’t work with big e-commerce logistic centers. instead, all orders are processed locally in a workplace for people with disabilities at stiftung mensch. please acknowledge that our shipping can’t be delivered next day as you might have become accustomed to by big corporations. generally, all our domestic parcels within germany are delivered within 2-3 working days. shipments to other countries can take, depending on the country, up to 7 days. in all cases you receive a tracking code to trace the status of your order

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