wooden comb 001 | for all hair types | ideal for curls
wooden comb 001 | for all hair types | ideal for curls
wooden comb 001 | for all hair types | ideal for curls

wooden comb 001 | for all hair types | ideal for curls

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Wooden comb: The most important tool for natural hair care with soap

together with our soaps, comb 001 takes care of your hair and scalp!  

5 reasons for our wooden comb

1. The comb prevents hair breakage

To prevent your wet hair from breaking after washing, never use a brush, but a professionally shaped comb. The coarse and round teeth of the comb let you go through your hair easily and without pulling. The coarse-toothed comb is suitable for straight hair, fine hair, curls to Afro hair

2. The wooden comb promotes healthy hair growth 

Our wooden comb automatically gives your scalp a massage. Blood circulation  is stimulated by the rounded teeth and their position. this is the most important basis for healthy hair. In addition, the comb absorbs excess sebum and brings it to where it is needed: to the tips of your hair! Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the wooden comb feels smooth in the hand. Make this little scalp massage your daily self-care routine, you'll see, it's addictive!

3. The wooden comb defines your hair structure

After washing, comb your wet hair with our comb and let it air dry after. This is the best approach to highlight the natural structure of your hair. Especially if you want to promote curls, you should only work your hair with a coarse comb after washing

4. The comb prevents statically charged hair

We all know this problem: electrified hair, especially while combing in winter! Unlike plastic combs, wood doesn't statically charge the hair. What a relief. 

5. The wooden comb is 100% sustainably manufactured!

We produce our wooden comb from FSC-certified beech wood in a German family business. The FSC certificate guarantees a sustainable forest management and reforestation. The wood of our comb comes from Europe, mainly from Switzerland and Italy. The comb's wood is oiled and has a naturally antibacterial effect

care tips for the wooden comb

To ensure you enjoy using this comb for a lifetime, remove hair from it after every use. A wooden comb should also get washed regularly with water and a little bit of soap, let it then air-dry on a dry fabric. Please never put the comb on a heater and do not store it near a radiator

100% oiled beech wood   plastic-free   compostable 

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