about us

manifesto of beauty

we love beauty
we love humans
we love being human beings
and we love a world in which we are allowed to be human

but we reject the laws of the beauty industry
their rules of
perfect bodies
complex treatments
synthetic ingredients

we fight the idea that beauty needs much
we want the whole industry to change
to become

our only weapons: 5 blocks of soap

terrorists of beauty was founded in december of 2018 by two women from hamburg, germany

we, mar navajas garcia and natalie richter, proclaim a new and uncompromising eco-movement that begins in the bathroom. initially planned as art and eco-project, our initiative terrorists of beauty evolved within months to a real anti-brand. only a year after launch, terrorists of beauty soaps are not only available in our webshop but also in eco concept stores, pharmacies, and drugstores across germany

the feedback we receive every day for our products encourages us to follow our mission without compromises. to stay radically natural in all regards we reject investors' money. instead we believe in sustainable, organic growth and the authentic support of our customers

for more: see an interview on ndr or listen to an interview on ndr

together with our logistics team at stiftung mensch, also our first employee sue is working hard to make this world a more beautiful place:

sue göldner

my anti-consumerism job

it all began in summer 2018 with a bottle of wine

along with our roommates, we were discussing the amount of plastic waste that accumulated in our bathroom. the two of us, mar and natalie, were already testing plastic-free care products, but none of the products available convinced us. realizing that better solutions were needed, we decided to launch a project that inspires as many people as possible to change. under the project title terrorists of beauty, with only €8000 of private savings, we planned to disrupt the christmas shopping season with plastic-free, natural, vegan, unisex soaps for hair, body, and face. thanks to the support of many friends, we managed to launch our web shop in december 2018. when the first wave of orders hit our shop we were sure this was not a temporary eco-project, this is what many people had been waiting for