the unpackaged soap subscription

soap without packaging

many of you asked us if we could remove the last bit of disposable packaging from our soaps. from now on we have a solution for all zero waste fans among you: order our soaps without packaging on a  subscription basis

unverpackte seife im abo

how our unpackaged subscription works

you will receive your first delivery in the normal paper packaging as we are legally obliged to declare our ingredients and all other legal information to customers

all following deliveries will be minimum waste. you will receive our soaps wrapped only in a super thin unprinted wrapping paper, packed in our plastic-free shipping box. in return, we honor your zero waste shopping with a 15% discount on subscribed products

get your favorite soap and cancel anytime

we all know this situation: you are showering and suddenly you realize f*** i have no soap left! with our subscription you don't need to remember reordering your favorite soap. simply subscribe and define your individual delivery rhythm, that's it! you can pause or cancel the subscription anytime, there are no hidden tricks

you want to change to another soap?

no problem! you can modify your subscription anytime. you can also add one-time orders to your upcoming delivery or you can increase product amounts if you want to add soaps for your partner or family as well

our zero waste tip: put more in one box

it's better to order more soaps at once while reducing ordering intervals. soaps don't go bad, it's the opposite, just like good wine, our cold-stirred soaps ripen over time and get more compact and soft for your skin

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