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how to use
hair soap?

our 8 step tutorial

how do i wash my hair with hair soap?

you just bought a bar of solid hair soap and you can’t wait to use it for the first time. but be aware! washing your hair with soap requires the right technique. in order to have the best experience with natural hair soap and to get great, natural and healthy hair, follow this tutorial and also try our recipe for an apple cider vinegar rinse

you are still unsure, which soap is best for your hair? find out here

step 1

1. before using hair soap, wet your hair thoroughly

step 2

2. make sure to intensively foam the soap bar

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community tip

foam party!

34% of our customers said that lathering the soap correctly was the key to mastering the transition phase

step 3

3. your hair soap does not foam enough? rub it more!

video tutorial: washing your hair with hair soap

step 4

4. if there is not enough foam, rinse and repeat

pro tip

residue is the main reason for the transition phase

natural soap is gentle, therefore it will take a while until all silicones, foaming and glossing agents, waxes and petroleum based residue of your previous shampoos and hair care products are washed out from your hair

all this has to be removed from your hair before hair soap can work it’s magic

the key is the right washing technique and patience with your own body! your long hair gets tangled when using hair soap? tip: if you have long hair, brush it before showering and maybe even a second time in the shower while the soap is in your hair

step 5

5. now thoroughly rinse your hair

step 6

6. do i need to do an acid rinse after using hair soap? yes and no!

apple cider vinegar rinse for hair: our easy recipe

  • all you need for a sour wash is 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and ½ liter of water (50 cl)
  • if you have long hair simply use double the vinegar and 1 liter of water
  • pour the acid wash over your hair and do not wash it out to get the best results. the smell of vinegar will vanish once your hair is dry
  • how often should you do the acid rinse? you can do it after every hair wash or whenever needed
  • alternative: acid rinse with lemon. replace the apple cider vinegar with lemon juice, this also works. however, this does not have all the care benefits the vinegar rinse has

do you have limy water? then your hair needs more apple cider vinegar!

in case you have limy water we recommend a two-step rinse. take 1 litre of water and add 5-6 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. rinse your hair with half of this solution, rinse with clear water and then pour the other half on your hair. leave in the second half for best results

step 7

7. treat your hair to some oil mask every now and then

good question

which oil should i use for my hair?

for normal to dry hair, use olive oil

for dandruff-prone scalp, use safflower oil

for fine hair, use a light oil, such as grapeseed or almond oil

step 8

8. use hair soap - and nothing else!

conclusion: hair soap requires patience, but it is worth it!

we hope this 8 step tutorial on using hair soap was helpful to you! don’t forget that washing your hair with natural soap requires a little bit of patience, but will deliver great results afterwards. we hope that you will have an easy transition phase and a lot of fun rediscovering the natural, healthy beauty of your hair

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your feedback to this hair soap tutorial

always massage in the soap foam for at least 30 seconds. that was a real realisation for me. before that, my hair was always sticky and greasy
the tip with the vinegar helped so that i can now easily brush through wet hair. after the second wash, my hair is no longer greasy and i have great volume. i haven't had such beautiful hair in years!
after small initial difficulties (the changeover phase as described by you), i am completely thrilled. my long hair looks healthy and good, feels wonderful and doesn't get greasy so quickly. nothing else will touch my hair and skin in the future!
the beginning with hair soap was hard for me. i didn't know if it was because of the change and/or the washing technique. now i know: it was because of the washing technique. at times i wanted to give up. but i didn't. the desire to free myself from the beliefs of the cosmetics industry was too great. and this freedom feels wonderful.

which hair soap is best for my hair type?

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hair soap for normal and dandruff-prone hair

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hair soap for fine hair and oily hair

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soap block 003

hair soap for dry, thick, wavy or lightened hair

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soap block 004

hair soap for very curly hair and afro curls

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