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how to use hair soap?

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how do i wash my hair with hair soap?

you just bought a bar of solid hair soap and you can’t wait to use it for the first time. but be aware! washing your hair with soap requires the right technique. in order to have the best experience with natural hair soap and to get great, natural and healthy hair, follow this tutorial and also try our recipe for an apple cider vinegar rinse

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step 1

1. before using hair soap, wet your hair thoroughly

hair soap needs to be activated by water. this is why your hair needs to be wet from the roots to the ends, with loads of water. wet your soap too, before using it

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step 2

2. make sure to intensively foam the soap bar

natural soap mainly consists of saponified vegetable oils and fats. if you don’t lather it enough, it will stick to your hair. that’s why it is so important to create a big, fluffy cloud of foam. the foam needs to be even bigger and creamier than when using normal shampoo

community tip

foam party!

34% of our customers said that lathering the soap correctly was the key to mastering the transition phase

step 3

3. your hair soap does not foam enough? rub it more!

in the following video tutorial, you can learn how to rub the hair soap directly on your hair. make sure to get every last inch. if you have thick hair, also lift the upper layer of your hair. also rub the soap on your temples, the back of your head and onto the ends. if needed, add a bit more water to create even more foam. now massage your whole head with your hands for at least 30 seconds

video tutorial: washing your hair with hair soap


step 4

4. if there is not enough foam, rinse and repeat

if your hair soap only creates little foam, it’s because there is synthetic residue of old hair care products in your hair. so if the foam does not stay stable, rinse your hair with water and wash it again a second or even a third time

professional tip

residue is the main reason for the transition phase

natural soap is gentle, therefore it will take a while until all silicones, foaming and glossing agents, waxes and petroleum based residue of your previous shampoos and hair care products are washed out from your hair

your long hair gets tangled with soap?

if you have long hair, brush it before showering and maybe even a second time in the shower while the soap is in your hair. also a sour rinse is mandatory for you after (see step 6)

step 5

now thoroughly rinse your hair

32% of our customers say that rinsing the hair soap extensively was the essential key to mastering their routine. always make sure to use enough water to wash out all the soap. especially if you have long or thick hair this can be tricky, so take at least one minute to rinse the hair soap and make sure to lift the layers of your hair so the water can do it’s work on your whole head

step 6

6. do i need to do an acid rinse after using hair soap? yes and no!

53% of our customers use our hair soap without doing a sour rinse. however, we do recommend at least doing a sour rinse during the transition phase. what is a sour rinse? water mixed with some apple cider vinegar! it sounds icky but it really works wonders and replaces the conditioner: the vinegar makes the hair glossier, calms your scalp, works against dandruff and helps to rinse the hair soap, especially if you have limy water

apple cider vinegar rinse for hair: our easy recipe

  • all you need for a sour wash is 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and ½ liter of water (50 cl)
  • if you have long hair simply use double the vinegar and 1 liter of water
  • pour the acid wash over your hair and do not wash it out to get the best results (if you can't stand the scent, rinse it with cold water, works as well). the smell of vinegar will vanish once your hair is dry
  • how often should you do the acid rinse? you can do it after every hair wash or whenever needed, depending on your tap water and your hair
  • alternative: acid rinse with lemon. replace the apple cider vinegar with lemon juice, this also works. however, this does not have all the care benefits the vinegar rinse has

do you have limy water? then your hair needs more apple cider vinegar!

in case you have limy water we recommend a two-step rinse. take 1 litre of water and add 5-6 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. rinse your hair with half of this solution, rinse with clear water and then pour the other half on your hair. leave in the second half for best results (or rinse off completely)

step 7

7. treat your hair to some oil mask every now and then

give your hair a little extra love by doing an oil mask every now and then. you can do this as soon as you have finished the transition phase and your hair feels light. for the oil mask, you simply put 3-4 tablespoons of pure virgin olive oil directly on your scalp or on the tips of your hair, and work it into your hair with a brush. leave the oil mask on for a few hours (or overnight, wrapped in a towel). then thoroughly wash your hair 2 or 3 times with hair soap. you will see your hair will be super glossy and itchy, the dandruff-prone scalp will be calmer

good question

which oil should i use for my hair?

for normal to dry hair, use olive oil

for dandruff-prone scalp, use safflower oil

for fine hair, use a light oil, such as grapeseed or almond oil

step 8

8. use hair soap - and nothing else!

we all want great, healthy hair, that’s why we are tempted to use some additional conditioner, mousse, dry shampoo or other styling products. all these weigh down your natural hair structure and keep it from finding its natural balance. therefore: less is more! especially during the transition phase

conclusion: hair soap requires patience, but it is worth it!

we hope this 8 step tutorial on using hair soap was helpful to you! don’t forget that washing your hair with natural soap requires a little bit of patience, but will deliver great results afterwards. we hope that you will have an easy transition phase and a lot of fun rediscovering the natural, healthy beauty of your hair

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always massage in the soap foam for at least 30 seconds. that was a real realisation for me. before that, my hair was always sticky and greasy


the tip with the vinegar helped so that i can now easily brush through wet hair. after the second wash, my hair is no longer greasy and i have great volume. i haven't had such beautiful hair in years!


after small initial difficulties (the changeover phase as described by you), i am completely thrilled. my long hair looks healthy and good, feels wonderful and doesn't get greasy so quickly. nothing else will touch my hair and skin in the future!