subscription terms + conditions


the “unpackaged subscription” is a contract about the returning delivery of our soap and/or deodorant (§ 315 BGB). The contract for our subscription (called “unpackaged subscription”) about the regular returning delivery of soap and/or deodorant in minimal packaging is made for an indefinite period. The monthly delivery interval is defined by the customer. 

Both parties can terminate the contract “unpackaged subscription” anytime without giving reasons. 

The termination notice has to be given in written form (§126b BGB). This is possible in the customer account on our website and via email to

 Continuous payment for the monthly delivery of our product “unpackaged subscription” is debited automatically via the stated bank account, PayPal or credit card during the contract period. The first payment is debited right after the order is placed.

 The customer has to ensure that the stated bank account or credit card has sufficient funds so the amount can be debited / payment can be made via credit card. 

The customer has to ensure that the information regarding the chosen payment method is correct and up-to-date for the whole contract period. Any changes regarding the chosen payment method, i.e. change of the bank or credit card details, have to be communicated immediately. After the contract is made, the payment regarding the first delivery will be promptly debited from the bank account or credit card.