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veganes deo und vegane seifen

here is our solid + refillable deodorant!

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refill it! sustainable deodorant can be so easy

“everybody has to sweat. but it does not have to make waste!”, we thought. for two years we have developed our sustainable deodorant concept with a deposit system. the idea: you buy yourself a refillable deodorant holder once against deposit and after you simply purchase refill bars to load it!

step by step: this is how you insert the solid deodorant into the holder

within seconds your deo is ready for use
nachhaltiges deo auseinanderbauen

step 1: disassemble the parts

take off the lid of your holder and push the bottom piece out with moderate pressure
festes deo auf deo halter setzen

step 2: insert the deodorant

take the deodorant out of the box and put the bar on the indented side of the bottom plate
deo hülse über festes deo schieben

step 3: slide the sleeve over the bar

slide the sleeve down until the bottom plate clicks
festes deo immer auf feuchte haut auftragen

step 4: apply deodorant

apply the natural deodorant on moist skin or put some drops of water on the top of the bar
nachhaltige deo verpackung nach oben schieben

step 5: push the bar out

if you want to push the deo bar further out, press the bottom plate up for max. 5 mm
deodorant in papierverpackung

still not sure?

if you want to test the performance of our deodorant upfront, get only a refill bar and add the paper sleeve to your order. with this you can test the deodorant for 1-2 weeks before committing to the reusable holder

tutorial video: here you see our solid deodorant in action

the mechanism is very simple and the holder can be refilled again and again


the biggest surprises during the development of our sustainable deodorant

natalie, founder of terrorists of beauty

did you know that many deodorants have cardboard packagings that contain hidden plastic foil or plastic coatings? only with this the paper is resistant enough to function as a deodorant holder for months

mar, founder of terrorists of beauty

in the course of the process we also had thought about cork as material but we were totally startled when we learned that moulded cork items always contain polyurethane or other plastic types. such hidden additives are a health risk as they can migrate into the deodorant

the most sustainable solution in our eyes: circular economy

we manufacture our deodorant holder in germany based on so-called liquid wood. it’s a new material made from waste of the paper production. its properties are similar to those of conventional plastic, but in a sustainable way: the material is biodegradable, durable and very resistant, means you can refill the deodorant holder as often as you like. if you want to return the item at some point, you send it back free of charge and in a climate-neutral way. we pay back the deposit and use the material to make new deodorant holders. this is circular economy!

you fill the holder with our solid deodorant bars

our refillable deodorant is certified natural cosmetics and in manufactured by hand in germany based on shea butter and sage. it is wrapped in a minimum waste packaging from paper. instead of plastic coatings or hidden plastic foils our packaging relies on a natural grease barrier. with every refill on 5 g of paper go to waste

deposit return

do you want to return your holder?

send us an email to and we will return the deposit to you. please read our return policy return policy