natalie ∴ the idea machine

How do you market a company that doesn't want to sell its ideals? As "brand boss," Natalie ensures that terrorists of beauty became (and remains!) a company we can wholeheartedly believe in. Next to that, she's a mom, building a crazy permaculture project in the middle of nowhere, and loves block zero.

sue ∴ the creative anchor

Sue answers customer emails with love and is behind almost every photo you see from us! With her talent for people and visual beauty, she is both the voice and designer of our brand. On the side, she loves yoga, Ghana, and our soap block 003.

mar ∴ the spanish pocket knife

When there are impossible challenges (usually Natalie's ideas), Mar is the one who makes it happen! As head of product development and logistics, she oversees everything that comes to your house. besides that, she speaks 4 languages, used to be a lawyer, and loves soap block 004

one of us will answer you


we answer customer requests usually within 24h, only in difficult cases or during the weekend it can take up to 48h