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befreie dich von unnötigen pflegeprodukten, plastik und ungesunden inhaltsstoffen in deinem bad

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terrorists of beauty seifen - vegan, plastikfrei, unixex, palmölfrei, handmade

shower without compromises

🌎 each soap saves on average 5 plastic bottles

natural + palm oil free
foamy + caring
handmade in germany

haarewaschen mit seife ohne plastik

soap can transform your hair

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duschen mit nachhaltiger seife

we are an independent initiative

we reject investors' money to be free in our decisions about us

this is radical sustainability for us

1. soap without plastic

we sell our terrorists of beauty soaps in plastic-free and fsc-certified cardboard packaging. all packaging is manufactured locally in germany to avoid unnecessary transport cost. we use natural grease barriers instead of hidden plastic coatings in order to protect the cardboard from fat and oil stains. of course also all ingredients are free from plastics, microplastics, silicons, parabens etc. deliberately, we manufacture only vegan soap bars and no solid shampoo. natural soap works without synthetically produced detergents and is produced independently from the petrochemical industry or complex laboratory technology. we work with a minimum of chemical reactions thanks to the saponification of oils and fats with simple lye. the result is natural, simple and effective: natural soap

2. soap without palm oil

if you ask us, sustainable soap is always palm oil free as the global palm oil production endangers rain forests. but the simple neglect of palm oil is not enough as alternative products can have a huge impact on the environment as well. so what kind of oils and fats do we use instead of palm oil? for us, sustainably grown and harvested ingredients are always to be sourced in europe. we try to use as much as possible from the regional, european flora. this means we integrate e.g. as much bio olive oil, bio sunflower oil or bio rapeseed oil as possible in our products' recipes. with our soap block zero we even managed to develop a soap that is 100% made from ingredients that were grown, harvested and processed locally in germany. wherever far traveled fats and oils are a must, we purchase them with special precaution: for example our coconut oil and shea butter are sourced from african fair trade and bio certified cooperatives and family businesses
wir machen seife nachhaltig: das sortiment von terrorists of beauty

3. vegan soaps

terrorists of beauty soaps consist of natural, plant-based oils and fats only. with the help of lye, we saponify for example olive oil, grape seed oil, or shea butter. hence, each recipe is vegan by nature! of course, we do not carry out any animal testing (which is anyways illegal within the european union). what?! yes! cosmetics made in the eu, which includes our soaps, are always free from animal testing. in the past, we had communicated our cruelty-free statement very clearly to customers but were surprised to receive a legal warning notice from the local trade office, explicitly mentioning that the wording "free from animal testing" was not allowed for advertising within the eu as this was so-called "self-evident advertising"... well.. so we took everything off our website, we can't claim anything anymore but we are as vegan as veganism can be and the official vegan labels will follow as a next step, once we can afford the audits as a self-financed company what about the packaging? vegan cosmetics are often wrapped in packaging with a non-vegan glue. but don't worry, we don't play such intransparent greenwashing games! all our packaging is manufactured 100% vegan

4. 100% biodegradable soap

in contrary to regular cosmetics, it takes only a few days until our soap gets absorbed by nature. terrorists of beauty soap is 100% biodegradable, but still, please be mindful while using our soap in nature. the usage of any detergent (vegan soap, shampoo, shower gel, no matter what!) is to be limited as all surfactants reduce the surface tension of water, which can be problematic for flora and fauna, especially in sensitive habitats. sustainable outdoor showering simply means: shower less or not at all

5. local craftsmanship & natural ingredients

at terrorists of beauty we see the future in local quality instead of global quantity. with one piece of natural soap we replace many synthetically produced beauty products at once. for the little we imagine our society to consume (in the bathroom and beyond) we propose maximum quality. that's why our soaps are handmade in an elaborate cold stir process, executed locally in germany. we make sure that our plastic-free, vegan soaps are not just good for the environment but also good for your body: hair and skin are moisturised thanks to the power of cold-pressed oils and all soap bars foam nicely. in the long term, you'll make yourself and your body independent from synthetic care products and probably you will also need less and less of our products. perfect!
vegane seife ohne plastik von terrorists of beauty

6. social engagement:

we perceive ourselves as part of the co-called "repair economy". as a company we want to contribute to a reparation of problems and deficits in our society. we include these thoughts in all steps of our value chain. on top, we create social projects: our hand soap soap for hope is sold at production price and with each soap we donate 1€ to associations with special social impact, at the moment we are supporting medical volunteers international , an association providing medical help to refugees at the eu's borders. additionally, we are developing an own plastic recycling project within europe, and with our refill deodorant we are pioneers of the circular economy

7. bio soap, but not at all costs

our soap is sustainable, yes! it is certified as natural cosmetics by ncs. but it's not bio certified. why? for a bio certification we would need to use also certified bio spring water (delivered in plastic bags). to avoid this waste, we have voted for local spring water. for a bio label we would also have to let go of special small suppliers like family owned businesses that can't afford an official bio audit but have an awesome ideology. this shows the dilemma around the bio concept and is the reason why we have voted against a bio certification. we hope you can understand our decision