change the world with every shower

we fight the laws of the beauty industry

we reject established rules of perfect bodies. complex treatments. male.female. synthetic ingredients. plastic. micro plastics. overconsumption. 

we manufacture natural,  plastic-free soaps for hair, body and face to replace shampoo, shower gel and facial cleanser all at once

our soaps change your bathroom for good

natural + palm oil free
plastic free
handmade in germany

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what our customers say

i bought soap 003 for my super sensitive skin. what should I say? it's so awesome! no dry skin along my shins anymore and I had perfect results with my curly hair. 1 product for all. thank you!


for more than 10 years I suffered from acne. I have seen many doctors, beauticians, and alternative practitioners. I even took antibiotics for months. now, I'm using your block 001, I don't let anything else on my skin. to be honest, I can't remember the last time my skin was so healthy. with each day it becomes more pure and refined


I didn't know such great hair soap existed. I've nearly used up my first block and I'm totally amazed by it. I didn't even notice any transitional phase for my hair, all this, without a plastic bottle!


my first two weeks with your soaps have passed and it is fascinating to rediscover the natural condition of my hair without all these synthetical additives of normal shampoo


we are totally excited by block 001 and 003. my wife doesn't have to apply body lotion anymore. block 003 is absolutely enough despite her very dry neurodermatitis prone skin. for my greasy skin block 001 is perfect. usually gease gathers on my forehead and nose after a few hours into the day. with 001 that no longer happens


your soap is magic! incredible what crap I had put on my body and hair before I learned to know your soaps


we are an
independent initiative

we reject investors' money to be free in our decisions

how to use
natural block soap

the most important tips + tricks for your new plastic-free routine

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we have challenged hamburg. how will they react to our 5 change makers in the hamburg subway?
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