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tooth tabs 002 | refreshing dental tablets with mint

tooth tabs 002 | refreshing dental tablets with mint

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handmade natural cosmetics

Tooth Tabs 002: The Refreshing Alternative to Toothpaste 

Our mint-flavored toothpaste tablets are the foamy innovation that will banish plastic toothpaste tubes from your bathroom forever

Why we recommend to use our tooth tabs:

1. Each tablet is sustainable toothpaste with complete protection

The 100% natural formulation of our toothpaste tablets reliably removes plaque, prevents cavities, strengthens tooth enamel, and promotes healthy gums. This complete dental care is based exclusively on ingredients of natural origin.

2. Toothpaste tabs with mint provide fresh breath 

The natural peppermint oil gives our dental tablets a delicious flavor and provides an extra fresh feeling in the mouth. Switch to sustainable solid toothpaste now!

3. Our Dental Tabs Foam similar to regular Toothpaste

In the past, you may have tried dental tablets from other brands that were unpleasantly crumbly or watery to use. We believe sustainable teeth cleaning should be fun! That's why our dental tablets create wonderful foam based on coconut oil - because we know a lot about foam! Of course we work without SLS, sulfates, or parabens

4. Plastic-Free from the EU: dental tabs in a jar 

We package our dental tablets in a glass jar. The recipe for our toothpaste tablets is also free from micro plastics. To avoid long transport routes, we produce all our dental tabs in the EU - not in China, as is often done by the cosmetics industry

5. Our Tooth Tablets Contain the Recommended Daily dose of Fluoride 

The problem with conventional toothpaste is that it's typically overdosed by the user, resulting in too much fluoride intake. Due to the precise portioning in the form of tabs, overdosing is not possible. So if you use our dental tablets twice a day for your dental care, you're getting exactly the recommended daily amount of sodium fluoride - no more, no less.

NEW! the refill pouch: 100% plastic-free, packaged in paper

subscribe now and save 10%! you'll receive the first delivery of your subscription in a glass container as usual. All subsequent deliveries will come in plastic-free parchment pouches (also known as the good old sandwich bag). Since there's truly no plastic involved, this pouch is only a temporary transport packaging. You must transfer the tabs directly into your tooth tab glass or an alternative airtight container upon receiving them! But why limit this option to subscription only? Because this way, we are legally on the safe side and have provided you with an appropriate container for storage at the beginning


Chew 1 dental tablet two times a day + brush with a wet toothbrush. Always spit out completely, do not swallow. Not suitable for children under 6 years. Do not use our dental tablets if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Be sure to keep the glass tightly closed to protect the dental tabs from moisture

toothpaste tablets ∴ plastic-free ∴ paraben-free ∴ vegan ∴ gluten-free ∴ palm oil-free ∴ without SLS ∴ sulfate-free

Contents: 120 dental tabs
Solid sustainable toothpaste, made in the EU

Ingredients: sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate, silica, sodium cocoyl isethionate, xylitol, mentha piperita oil, agar, magnesium stearate, stevia, sodium fluoride, d-limonene*, linalool*. Contains sodium fluoride (1450 ppm f-)

*= from pure natural essential oils

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