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testing hair soap: experiences of a hairdresser

Der Haarseife Test: Erfahrungen eines Friseurs

today, hair soap is all over the place. you find it at drugstores like dm, Rossmann or Budni. But is soap actually good for your hair? An experienced hairdresser tested our terrorists of beauty hair soaps his customers in the Apel-Remmen barber shop in Cologne. Today, owner Florian shares his experiences with us.


Florian, you dared to test hair soap with your customers. What are the results?

We are having great experiences with hair soap. Most customers think it's really cool to have just a single bar of soap in the bathroom and to use less plastic. 85% stick with soap in the long term. The 15% who stopped simply weren't happy with their hair or didn't have the patience to master the transition phase to soap

As a hairdresser, what made you decide to work with hair soap?

In our barber shop we pay particular attention to our customers’ hair type and structure. We don't want you to look beautiful just for the short moments at the salon, but rather show our customers that dealing with their hair is easy and pleasant in the long run. When using hair soap, you will not get immediate results as you are used to from washing hair with shampoo. When switching to soap, you need valuable tips for the transition phase and only after washing your hair a few times, the soap will show its great effects. Most of our customers come back with a really nice result and are super grateful

haarseife erfahrungen friseur haarewaschen

Is hair soap enough? According to your experiences, what else is needed?

In our society, we see hair disconnected from the rest of our body and especially from our scalp. But you need a healthy scalp to have good, healthy hair. It is an organ that has to be supplied with a lot of blood so that the hair can grow well. That's why a big factor is mechanical labor: massaging again and again, brushing hair, working through it with your fingers and putting pressure evenly on the head for 30 - 60 seconds when washing, but also afterwards! A massage like this is almost more important than the product you are applying. So take your time in the shower and enjoy these little moments. I also recommend to take another 30-60 seconds for rinsing, so that you really get rid of all excess product and soap residue

Do you also use an apple cider rinse? Or do you have other tips for a beautiful hair finish?

An acidic rinse with apple cider vinegar is great for rinsing the hair thoroughly. You can also use the rinse in between washes, just spray it onto your dry hair! This will give your hair a really nice shimmer and shine. You can also give your hair a little extra care: For example, after applying moisturizer to your body, you can massage some of this oil or cream into the tips of your hair

Do you recommend soap for curly hair? 

The hair structure of curls is naturally rougher on the surface and therefore has more grip. To define the curl, I would recommend terrorists of beauty's block 003 or block 004. For curly hair, it is important to moisturize the hair thoroughly and, if necessary, use additional tricks in order to keep this moisture locked inside the hair


 Do you have experience with hair soap and colored hair?

It's less about the product and more about the structure of the hair: how is the hair built, structured and cared for? Hence, I can say more about the care factor of soaps rather than which soap is the best for colored hair in general. Try terrorists of beauty's block 004 (very rich) or block zero or block 003 (both good all-rounders, also great to start with) if you have colored hair!

The results of testing hair soap in one sentence?

For me, your soaps are an honest product! Simply “simple” and good. For me it is important to take an holistic route, which I fully see in the terrorists of beauty products

By the way: If you are looking for more tips on how to use hair soap, check our hair washing tutorial. Or pay Florian a visit in his barber shop in cologne


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