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terrorists of beauty, die Seifen-Startup

Terrorists of beauty's natural soaps were presented on n-tv's Startup News programme.

Terrorists of beauty made it to n-tv “Startup News”!

In this Startup-News episode, Mar Navajas Garcia, co-founder of terrorists of beauty, explains how the company started a natural cosmetic revolution. The reportage was shot in January at Stiftung Mensch, a workplace for people with disabilities near Hamburg, and our long-time partner for wrapping and shipping the soaps. The “Startup News” episode was then aired on n-tv on 19.02.2021. To our biggest surprise, it was broadcast 4 mores times on TV and even replayed on TVNOW. We couldn’t be more proud. 

Watch the reportage on n-tv or on TVNOW

Mar Navajas Garcia explains how she founded this revolutionary natural cosmetics company in 2018

“Female founders breathe fresh life into curd soap” (February 2021)

In this reportage, you can discover an interview of Mar Navajas Garcia, terrorists of beauty CEO and co-founder. She explains the creation phase of the company in December 2018 with her co-founder Natalie, how it started with a lot of passion and late hours of packing soaps. In August 2019, the soaps were distributed at Budni for the first time, and we were the only soap blocks for body, face and hair at that time. 

Since then, many other solid cosmetic brands have started to follow the trend of natural soaps & shampoos. It seems like we have struck a nerve, indeed, as a growing number of consumers are looking for healthier shower products, and want to avoid buying so much plastic in their bathroom routine. 

The video also depicts how the soaps are made, and how radically natural beauty takes a bit of patience to make wonders (learn more on how to use our soaps). Later on, a dermatologist explains what consumers should pay attention to when buying a natural soap or shampoo bar (the list of ingredients for instance) and that it’s good for the skin and the environment to be in contact with a lot less chemicals than in traditional showering gels and shampoos.

Mar shooting at our eco-packaging partner Stiftung Mensch. Our CEO Mar was assisted by our Head of Distribution, Sue Göldner.

Mar on set, assisted by our Head of Distribution, Sue Göldner.

The last time we were this proud: when Brigitte wrote a full article about us 

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