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why is natural soap the best care?

natural soap is the most natural way to gently care for your body while protecting the environment. our soaps consist only of water and vegetable oils. Oils which have been saponified with the help of sodium hydroxide. such natural soap biodegrades quickly and completely

our soaps are made of high-quality cold-pressed oils which take special care of your skin due a special process. 10% of all used oils are deliberately not converted into soap, but remain in their oil state to nurture your skin and hair

our natural soap stands in strong contrast to commercially available shower gels, shampoos and even solid shampoos which barely contain any actual natural ingredients. they instead cleanse by means of predominantly artificially produced substances that are hardly biodegradable. Along with the synthetic surfactants, these washing products more often than not contain silicone, film-forming agents, microplastics, thickening agents, consistency enhancers, gel-forming agents, preservatives or emulsifiers. all these additives are deposited on skin, scalp and hair in the course of your lifetime. The consequence can be oily skin, dry skin, allergies or even skin diseases

what is the so-called transition phase? how long does it take?

conventional care products will leave residues on your skin and hair. natural soap washes these substances off piece by piece. however, soap does not tolerate these substances very well. the result can be greasy or stringy looking hair. once all residues have been removed, the hair will often show its true state and damaged condition. even the skin on the face can be taut or dry at the beginning. after a few weeks, your skin and hair will regain natural balance. this process can take 2 to 8 weeks

the high-quality cold-pressed oils in our soap gradually make hair, face and body healthier:
- fragile dry skin and hair are gently moisturized and nurtured back to its healthy natural condition
- curls and waves get more definition and bounce
- irritated impure skin and oily hair normalize and balance themselves

what our customers say

when I got off the pill, my teenager years' acne returned. a friend of mine recommended block 001 and i'm totally amazed by it. my facial skin and décolleté look better than ever


I have to admit the first days under the shower I was kind of disappointed, but only a few days later this changed completely. I was totally surprised by the smooth sensation of my skin which I've never experienced with any other product. after about two weeks of regular use, my skin can breathe again


how do i wash my hair with soap?

1. extensively rub the block directly on the head. Foam evenly throughout and under all levels of your hair, especially at the back of the head and don’t neglect the tips. when the entire head is thoroughly soaped, put the soap bar aside and lather the soap with the help of some extra water until a large creamy fluffy mousse arises

2. if for some reason no foam is created, wash out the soap and lather the hair again. foaming is essential, because badly foamed soap sticks and remains in the hair making it difficult to rinse out, causing hair to feel thick, sticky or greasy. if this effect occurs, many assume that their water must contain limestone that clogs the hair. however, in most cases, it is due to an inadequate washing technique or the already described transition phase

3. rinse the generated lather extremely thoroughly with warm water if you live in a region with limestone in the water or if you want to have particularly silky hair, you can make a sour rinse afterwards. simply add 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar to half a liter of cold water and pour it all over the hair. rinsing with water is not necessary, the slight vinegar scent disappears as soon as the hair is dry. instead of vinegar you can also use lime juice

your feedback on our tutorial

you have to massage the foam for 30 seconds at least. or else my hair remained sticky and greasy after washing. this was a huge revelation for me


your advice with the vinegar rinse helped a lot. I can comb my wet hair easily now. after the second hair wash my hair way no longer greasy and had great volume. I haven't had such beautiful hair in years


after some initial difficulties, described by you as the "transition phase", I'm totally amazed. my long hair looks nice and healthy. it feels fantastic and less greasy. I won't use anything else for my hair and skin care in the future


thank you so much for the instructions for hair washing. I tried it yesterday and it worked very well


the best way to store block soap after use

do i need any other care products for skin and hair?

our soap should be sufficient and should also replace cream, conditioner and body lotion. however, you have to listen to your body. if you still feel that something is missing after the transition phase, you should of course give it to your body

if you have persistent dry skin on your face or body, we recommend pure, cold-pressed oil. We recommend grape seed oil (very light, non-comedogenic), olive oil (hydrating, anti-inflammatory) or shea butter (moisturizing) that can be applied to a moist face or body after cleansing

if the hair is dry or shaggy try a sour rinse. add 1 spoon of cider vinegar to half a liter of cold water and pour it all over your hair. there is no need to rinse with water. the slight vinegar odor will disappear as soon as the hair is dry. if the rinse is not enough to solve the problem, you can massage some pure olive oil into the tips of your hair overnight and wash it out the next day

if your scalp is dry or itchy, first check your washing technique. Review and check if you did everything as we described. if so, then try a sour rinse as well. it can simply be soap residues that remain in your hair due to lime stone in the water. if that doesn't help, check if you wash your hair too often. cause using hair soap means that your scalp becomes less greasy over time. Try using the soap less often and merely rinse your hair with water instead. if that's still not enough, make an oil mask with olive oil, coconut oil or shea butter. simply apply a few drops of your chosen oil to the affected areas of the scalp and massage it in well. ideally, let it work overnight in a towel and wash it out thoroughly and repeatedly with soap the next day. you can repeat the oil mask as needed once a week or once a month

if your hair is difficult to comb, take a brush into the shower and comb your hair thoroughly with soap in your hair. if you wash your hair with block 001 and have dryness problems, try 003 or 004 instead. both of these soaps make hair silkier and are the most effective way to avoid conditioners. also a sour rinse helps to make your hair more silky

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