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soap block 004 ∴ repair + nourish

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rich soap for curls with curcuma + cocoa

for hair + body

block 004 offers your skin and hair extensive moisture and shine. curcuma and cocoa nurture intensively, reduce frizz, and repair damage

💡 ideal for strong curls, afro curls or extra dry or damaged hair

🛁 block 004 smells rich and orientally

⏳ statistically, our customers reorder this soap after 2-3 months

👩🏻‍🍳 this soap contains olive oil, rapeseed oil, shea butter, henna, curcuma and cocoa, crafted from natural ingredients

this soap is handmade in a special cold process with cold-pressed oils. each soap is unique, variations in shape, color and scent are totally normal. you can use it up to 36 months after first use

certified as natural cosmetics by NCS standard

natural block soap ∴ plastic-free ∴ vegan ∴ palm oil free ∴ handmade in germany

100 g ℮

ingredients: olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), brassica campestris seed oil (rapeseed oil), ricinus communis seed oil (castor oil), butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), henna, curcuma longa root powder (curcuma), theobroma cacao extract (cocoa)

saponified with lye

💡 you are not sure if block 004 really suits you as... you have colored or bleached hair or only slight waves instead of curls? or you are looking for a soap that works for the face as well? in all these cases block 003 suits you better 

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for sustainability reasons we don’t ship outside of europe 

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why body soap instead of shower gel?

body soap has a big advantage: it is a solid companion! while normal shower gel contains up to 90% water, body soap is a substantial caretaker in your hand. to put it in a nutshell: what is in here really does something good for you. it is made from natural cold-pressed oils, our block 004 is a real power pack and one of our favorites as a body soap. shea butter and castor oil provide intensive moisture. the best: all the water from the shower and the oils in the body soap form a natural emulsion that is happily absorbed by your skin. as facial soap, however, block 004 is pretty rich, so we recommend this soap rather for body and hair only. for facial cleansing, we favor our block 002 with grape seed oil.

we often hear the question: which body parts can i wash with soap?

well, as the name puts it: body soap is a soap for the whole body! all our hair and body soaps contain over 10% super fat. this means that more than 10% of the oils and fats used in production have not been converted into soap, but are available for skin and hair care. we superfat our hair and body soaps with various valuable vegetable oils and fats. block 004, for example, is made with shea butter and castor oil. yes, even if it's tempting, you should only use as much soap as absolutely necessary: body soap doesn't have to be applied all over the body. on the contrary, it's better to simply lather it up in your hand and then spread some foam on your skin. if you also wash your hair with our soap, it is best to use the foam from the hair for body cleansing as well. this way, you kill two birds with one stone: saving soap and cash.

use body soap only moderately on your private parts

the best care for the intimate area is clear water. all of our skin, but especially the intimate area, is covered with important bacteria and microorganisms that keep the skin in balance. the more intensively you scrub every inch of your skin with soap, the more you weaken the microbiome and your skin eventually gets out of balance. the result can be odor or even infections. therefore, ideally, only use plain water on your private parts or lather your body soap briefly in your hand and only wash the external parts of your genitals briefly with a minimal amount of soap.

wait a second, what is the microbiome and what does it have to do with my soap?

most people only know the microbiome from the intestines, but scientists have discovered that it also exists on our skin. the term describes millions of microorganisms that keep our organism healthy: it's hard to believe, but there are as many microbes on your skin as there are people on earth! if you use shower gel or body soap excessively, this biome gets out of balance. the result of continuously washed skin can be skin eczema or the skin becomes less resilient in general. scientists have also discovered that many allergies can be traced back to an irritated or poorly developed microbiome. this is why you should use only very little body soap or shower gel on your skin, especially with children. the sensitive composition of the microbiome develops in the early years and the more you intervene out of supposedly well-intended body hygiene, the weaker your child's microbiome will possibly develop. the consequence can be long-term problems with skin or scalp.

natural glycerin in our body soap makes it a moisturizing hero!

most people are suspicious of glycerine, as they associate it with a substance that dries out the skin. this is also true when it comes to synthetically produced glycerine, which is added to many skin care products. cold-stirred body soap, on the other hand, contains natural glycerin, which belongs to the group of natural moisturizing factors (nmf). thanks to the natural glycerin, the soap helps your skin to store more moisture. goodbye body lotion! in fact, many of our customers report that thanks to our body soap, they don't suffer anymore from dry skin. with terrorists of beauty body soaps they managed to ditch cream completely. the reason for this lies, among other things, in the natural glycerine.

why curcuma and cocoa in body soap?

we admit, both can also be used for cooking. but that's also our credo! why should we let things touch our outer body that are not healthy for our inner body? that's exactly why we make all our face, hair and body soaps mostly from ingredients that you could actually eat. by the way, curcuma has a long tradition in indian soap making: according to ayurveda, the yellow root nourishes the skin, gives a lovely complexion and soothes irritations. cocoa contains many antioxidants that positively counteract skin aging. so it doesn't just sound delicious, it's actually a powerful recipe for a premium body soap for normal to dry skin.

it's a fact: dark skin needs more moisturizing, afro curls do too!

especially customers from the black community are amazed by our body soaps block 003 and block 004. why? dark skin generally suffers more from dryness! although it can cope better with uv-radiation and is significantly less prone to skin aging, its barrier function is weaker, so that the skin loses moisture faster. the result: the complexion appears pale or the skin is dry. block 003 and 004 are the best body soaps to encounter this: organic shea butter provides effective moisture transfer, softens the skin and really makes your afro curls shine!

which body soap, guys?

all our terrorists of beauty soaps are strictly unisex. we don't think in terms of soap for men or women or, or, or. gender is your very own identity and nothing we want to predefine for you! but we admit: the scent of soap block 004 might be a bit too sweet and oriental for some people. for guys who like it a bit more smokey, we recommend our black body and hair soap block 001 or alternatively block zero. but also our solid soap block 003which smells softly like shea butter, is a hit as a body soap! by the way, men who regularly shave their beards love block 003, as this soap produces a very creamy and stable foam while sooting the skin after shaving.