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6 products

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the naked truth: that's why natural soap is simply better

which products have you replaced in your daily routine already? many of us store shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturising cream, or even peeling in our bathroom cabinet, but what of all these products do we actually need? our natural soap contains much less ingredients while providing full care.

get rid of what you don't need – natural soap provides it all

let's be honest: conventional personal care products contain so much more than our skin actually needs: silicons, parabens, surfactant, waxes or paraffin oils. do you want to put this on your skin and hair? come on! your daily skin and hair care routine doesn't need this. eventually, some of these ingredients can even harm your body and the environment. in the end, everything we use in the bathroom turns into waste water. so better install a clean routine without any add ons. why would you carry silicon on your hair when it is so much lighter without?

do you want to know why natural soap is the better alternative? here comes the naked truth:

  • 100% biodegradable: in contrary to most industrially manufactured soap and care products, natural soaps are 100% biodegradable. within just a few days all ingredients are fully absorbed by nature. this is a clear advantage for our struggling environment.
  • soap without additives: the ingredients of natural soap are very reduced and can be understood by ordinary people like you and me.
  • saves you money: you can dose solid natural soap much easier than liquid soap or shampoo. with regular dispensers you usually squeeze out far too much at once. thats why handmade soap lasts longer and is much cheaper in the long term. as one bar of soap replaces several personal care products at once, it makes you save even more money!
  • moisturising: natural soap is moisturising. it does not dry out the skin but nourishes it instead.
  • energy efficient: the production of natural soap does not require much energy. especially the cold stir process practiced by us needs only very little energy.

the oceans are filled with plastic, a lot of plastic. next to pet bottles there are shampoo bottles, pump dispensers, and so much more. all this trash is a real threat to marine life. by using our solid natural soap you can prevent a lot of plastic in your bathroom.

no synthetic fragrances, just natural soap!

synthetically produced scents are much cheaper than natural scents. synthetic perfume oils biodegrade only very slowly what makes them an additional threat for the environment. the natural way to create scents is the use of premium natural essential oils derived from the distillation of flowers, wood or fruit. they are free from synthetical ingredients. if you are looking for an artificial scent like popcorn or cheesecake, we are not the right brand for you as sustainable soap is produced without this

natural soap by terrorists of beauty: the new definition of natural cosmetics

vegan, sustainable, woke. natural cosmetics have managed to grow from small soap workshops and local markets to big drugstores and online stores. we are so happy about this! today, you can even talk to friends and family about inconvenient topics like microplastics without getting annoyed looks in return as there are finally easy solutions in place. our society is changing, consumption is shifting, and products of daily use are bought with a more conscious mindset. it's like a little revolution and you can be part of it!

natural soap works like a kickstarter for a more sustainable life. it's literally the first easy step, you just have to take it!

natural soap still has a hippie image. it's time to dissolve such outdated prejudices. in a more and more complex world soaps can do good for the environment but also for yourself. our soap is vegan, palm oil free and unisex. each piece of soap is basically a multifunctional device: you don't need different products for shaving, washing your hair, body, or face anymore. instead, you can select from our compact assortment your perfect personal skin care buddy. this soap will create you a lot more space in your shower, makes you prevent plastic and simplifies your life

too many options make humans indecisive. the beauty industry has defined for too long how our beauty routine has to look like. we want to change this now! start your new bathroom reality with terrorists of beauty. your bathroom cabinets are probably totally overflowing: there is a shower gel that you tried once but never touched again, more stuff that somebody gifted to you, a lot of testers, different shaving creams and foams... stop! nobody else than you should have to power to define what you have to have in your bathroom. get rid of all the nonsense and make your life easier!

you don't know yet how to handle natural soap? no worries, we explain each step in our tutorials.

hand made soap: which, where and when to buy?

terrorists of beauty natural soap can provide a lot we offer different kinds of soaps for different skin and hair types block 003 builds foam very quickly and calms your skin and scalp. perfect for shaving, but also for kids! our block zero is manufactured from ingredients that were grown and processed in germany. thanks to this, your personal care gets 100% regional. block 001 coconut coal provides a deep cleanse for your skin and reduces the production of sebum. still not sure what soap to pick? contact us and we will provide personal consultancy.

statistically, our customers reorder a fresh bar of soap after 73 days. remember on how often you buy shower gel, shampoo, shaving cream etc. don't you agree that you are much better off with our soap deal? by the way, after first use this natural soap can be utilised for 36 months. that's much longer than the regular 6-12 months claimed on conventional liquid shower and personal care products.

ingredients of our natural soaps: without additives

conventional soaps, shower gels and shampoos can contain a lot of harmful, allergenic ingredients and preservatives. if you have very sensitive skin you should better get yourself some natural care products

natural cosmetics and natural soaps are so popular because they don't contain harmful additives and microplastic. all our soaps are manufactured in an elaborate cold stir process, executed by hand, based on cold-pressed natural oils. natural soap is moisturising and contains natural glycerin, helping the skin to capture moisture. in a nutshell: natural soap is the perfect body care with moisturising features

our natural soap is more than just a body wash: it is also suitable to shave, wash your hair, and clean your face. all in one! easy and sustainable: natural soap does not contain synthetic scents or preservatives as such artificial ingredients may cause skin problems or irritations. the use of natural products can even prevent skin issues or reduce real skin diseases. to sum it up: natural soaps and bio soaps are so popular because they are free from microplastics, aluminium, preservatives or other harmful ingredients.

handmade natural soaps are vegan: how does it work?

all our natural soaps are manufactured without animal fats, instead, only vegetable oils and fats are used by us. natural soap is, as the name tells you, a natural product. it is manufactured according to diverse techniques that all lead to the saponification of vegetable oils or animal fats. amazingly, the saponification process creates natural glycerin which cleanses the skin in a soft way and helps to capture moisture. conventional care products, in contrary, are produced with the help of synthetic glycerin derived from petrol which is not as caring as natural glycerin and can cause dry skin

im gegensatz zu naturseifen, die auf tierischen fetten basieren – eines hiervon ist lanolin oder wollwachs, welches beim waschen von schafwolle gewonnen wird – ist die vegane naturseife frei von tierischen rohstoffen. während in vegetarischen varianten milch oder honig den pflanzlichen ölen zugegeben werden, verzichten wir durch vegane produkte und inhaltsstoffe komplett auf tierisches. unsere veganen naturseifen sind für dich und deine haut eine wohltat – und gleichzeitig gut zur umwelt. stöbere durch unseren naturseifen-shop und finde den block, der am besten zu dir passt. heute gibts keine entscheidung? dann bestell dir einfach unsere sample box including four soaps of our assortment