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block holder 001

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soap holder made from concrete

store + dry

our soaps need to dry after usage. that’s why you shouldn’t leave them sitting stuck to your shower or bath. block holder 001 gives your soap a chance to dry and makes sure it is not damaged by standing water

this holder is handmade in hamburg

notice: this holder intentionally has no drainage holes because soap should not stay under running water. after showering leave your soap standing in a dry place in the holder. any water on soap itself evaporates during vertical storage

holder for one soap ∴ handmade in germany ∴ plastic-free

no soap included. each holder is unique, variations in shape and color are totally normal

measurements: 10 x 5 x 5 cm, suitable for one soap

100% concrete

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soap tray for the shower: your soap always at hand

soap in the shower is your daily companion. no matter if it's for your hair or your body: the gentle scent, the soft lather, all this makes your senses slowly wake up in the morning. but as great as solid soap is, you probably know this problem: after using it, you don't know where to put the bar of soap. if the soap lies in the shower tray it can become very soft and dissolves quickly. if you put it next to the tub after your bath, it will leave soap marks, or the worst case, even stick to the surface. stop worrying about your soap, simply enjoy every shower! we have developed a soap holder that looks beautiful, is the perfect storage for your solid soap and makes sure it dries well after use

always your soap at hand: with the concrete soap holder

sustainability is also very important for us when it comes to accessories. why would we formulate vegan, environmentally friendly soaps if our soap holder was made the opposite way? that's why we rejected plastic and developed this concrete soap tray in collaboration with the pottery design studio riess in hamburg.

the naked concrete: just as naked as our soaps.

without color, plastic, or unnecessary details: the soap holder stands rock solid with a clean design in a modern concrete look. it fits into any bathroom, whether modern grey tiles or retro look. handmade, each soap holder is just as unique as our soaps.

your soap is in firm hands from now on.

soap tray instead of soap dish so that water residues cannot harm your soap

there are thousands of soap dishes. in the drugstores you can find many different variants that are supposed to protect your soap from moisture. but let's speak frankly: we all have had such a soap dish for shower or sink and we all were not satisfied with this solution.

most soap dishes are made of metal or plastic and your soap sits on it with a large surface. the problem with this? excess water can collect in the dish and creates the perfect puddle in which your soap slowly dissolves... and the next time you grab your solid soap it may not be so solid anymore. for this we need a better solution, right?

yes! that's why we've designed our blockholder in a way that your soap stands upright in it. we also got rid out the traditional dish shape. our try does not provide any room for puddles or moisture. when you put your bar of soap in the holder, it can dry perfectly. the moisture on the soap's surface can evaporate and your soap stays fresh.

the perfect soap holder for the sink: classy, modern, clean

you can easily place our soap holder on your sink, the edge of the bathtub or a shelf in the shower. it is important that your soap is not exposed to direct moisture as a permanent shower or splashing water is a no-go for your soap. the concrete tray provides you with the optimal shelf after every use.

we've kept the design of the soap holder as simple as possible. edgy and puristic, just like our soaps. the natural grain of the concrete gives the soap holder an individual and modern look. our discreet logo is the little eye-catcher next to your colorful soaps.

good to know: our premium terrorists of beauty natural soaps fit perfectly in it. if you want to use other soaps we well or our soap mix package you can either order several soap holders or place the soap in the dish that you have used last.

no soap stains, no moisture, but always your natural soap at hand.

you can rely on our soap holder. once placed in it, you can reach for the soap under the shower or at the sink even with your eyes closed. the concrete has a higher weight than plastic. so your soap stands firmly and securely.

the modern soap dish: sustainable, chic, without extras

what aspects should a soap dish fulfill for you?

  • it needs a solid stand.
  • it must hold your soap without moisture building up.
  • it should fit well in your bathroom.
  • the material should be sustainable, there are already enough design soap dishes made of plastic.

good news: our soap holder masters all these criteria. just like with skin and hair care, you should not compromise when it comes to storing your care products. basically, each of our natural soaps lasts 2-3 months when used daily. of course, this only applies when stored correctly. in the right soap holder, your natural soap is happy.

soap holder for shower & sink - radically simple, radically beautiful

if you want to buy a soap dish, you'll find many different offers from many brands and retailers. most of them, however, come with bells and details you don't really need: elaborate patterns, lots of holes. our soap holder, on the other hand, is radically simple and still comes with everything your soap needs to dry. while magnetic soap holders damage your product, it stays untouched in our soap dish. 100% concrete, 100% terrorists of beauty.

for your daily shower and care routine at home, this soap holder is your new daily companion. while you are not using your soap, it's in good hands here, but what about your next vacation? we recommend: leave your soap holder at home and use our travel bag instead! you can simply hang it in the hotel's bathroom. the soap is well protected in the breathable cotton net and can dry while hanging or when packed in your suitcase