return policy

return policy for our circular deodorant holder with deposit (only within germany)

(1) the deposit will only be refunded if all three parts of the deodorant holder are returned. it is irrelevant whether the customer has purchased the item in our web shop or via another sales channel. the deposit is 3€ incl. german VAT.

(2) All parts must be returned to us cleaned and free of dirt, paint, or any other additional materials that were not included in the original product. only then the deposit will be credited

(3) the customer can choose whether to receive the deposit in form of a voucher for our web shop or as one-time monetary payment to a bank account of his choice. other forms of reimbursement are not possible

(4) Deviations from these conditions require a written confirmation from our customer service at verbal side agreements are not valid

(5) returns outside of germany are excluded as shipping the deodorant holder back is neither ecologically nor economically viable. if the customer is willing to pay for the international shipping fee though, he can contact our customer service under to elaborate individually if the return of item and deposit is agreeable under these circumstances. a final confirmation or denial will be issued individually by our customer service team

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