great that the transition was easy for you!

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Many people go through a transition phase depending on how dependent their body was on skincare products before

here some more tips for you:

1. face:

if your face feels slightly tight after using our soaps, consider trying one of our natural facial oils. they can help your skin find its natural balance. avoid creams or processed products. also, check if you need soap only in the evening – less is often more for your skin

check out our facial oils, especially if your are still new to natural soap:

2. hair:

ff your hair starts feeling dull and heavy after a few weeks of using soap, please apply an acidic rinse as described in our tutorial. depending on your tap water and hair type, soap residue can accumulate in your hair, which is not beneficial in the long run. with the vinegar rinse, you'll remove any buildup and add more shine to your hair!

find out how to use soap perfectly for hair: 

3. body:

use just the necessary amount of soap. most of the dirt on our bodies is water-soluble and will naturally wash away during a warm shower. this includes dust, oil-free dirt, sugar, or salt-based substances. soap is only required to remove the oily dirt that is "hydrophobic" since soap chemically bridges water and fat

what exactly is oily on your skin? your body produces sebum, which naturally cares for and protects your skin. completely washing it away with every shower is counterproductive! we recommend thorough lathering of the entire body only if you feel you have genuine, stubborn, and oily dirt on your skin. if you engage in physically demanding work, this may be the case

otherwise, a shower with plain water and a little soap focusing on armpits, outer genital area, feet, and hands is generally sufficient. this not only saves you money but also gradually improves your skin's health and resilience

you need more soap?

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