Drugstore of the Future for the Zero Waste Bathroom

die drogerie der zukunft: alles für das zero-waste-badezimmer

terrorists of beauty at the dockville festival


Have you ever seen how many products are sold in the drugstore? Shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, creams, toners, tinctures, balms, and lotions for everything from your toes to ear lobes. We were not convinced that men and especially women needed to drag around a whole suitcase of products to be considered beautiful. We analyzed and figured out what we could reduce or replace using zero-plastic and zero-waste bathroom solutions. Just a handful of products were left when we removed the unnecessary


on the stand, our soaps as well as wooden toothbrushes and deodorants


Minimalize your Bathroom
We managed to minimize by reducing from too many separate products. Many were removed by the fact that the composition of our soaps let you discard things like face wash, shower gel, and shampoo. As for the rest, we kept a chrome razor, a paper packaged natural deodorant, toothpaste tablets, wooden toothbrushes and the rest of our body is already taken care of


festival-goers experiencing brushing their teeth with toothpaste tablets


Shop opening at one of Germany’s most popular festivals
We set up a pop-up shop with these few items in the middle of the camping grounds at Dockville Festival to see what the youthful crowds thought and bought. Most people enjoy being in nature during festival season, but when the crowds leave the grounds a lot of waste and trash is left behind. With our drugstore of the future we wanted to provide a way to live and party more sustainably. Many festival visitors had a hard time to believe telling us "I need more, I can’t live without conditioner" or "How does this work?". We simply told them to try our soaps and solid shampoo in the camping shower to find out the powers of the terrorists of beauty soap. On top of that, we provided self-made soap grinders at the handwash stations of the festival to let people try and experience our soaps for free. Most came out convinced, fresh, clean, plastic-free and ready to party!

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