Christmas Operation: Reduce Consumption

operation weihnachten: aufruf zur konsum-reduktion

 Consumption goes through the roof at Christmas - it increases by 54 per cent. People spend themselves into debt while apparently 46% of people have lied about liking a gift. So we buy stuff we don’t even like or need for a holiday that has lost its reasons for existing under dead Christmas trees, tinsel and 365,321 kilometres of wrapping paper

Stop the Christmas Shopping Madness
We wanted to put out a message: Something to remind the people lost in a blinding frenzy before the ostensible deadline. Something to stop this buying whatever for whoever, however. We wanted to leave a big reminder smack in the middle of the busiest shopping ground of Hamburg right before Christmas.



Special Operation
The terrorists of beauty masked up since what we were about to do is not exactly legal. At this point, we feel that the urgency of the climate supersedes the rules. Armed with buckets of natural paste made of only wheat and water, we tiled a huge poster made of over 50 pieces of A3 paper that read "All I Want For Christmas Is Less" and then left faster than the next train out of town!

The Writing Is On the Wall
The message sat as a reminder of hope in the midst of the chaotic shoppers with their endless lists. Maybe some noticed and asked themselves, "Don’t I have enough?". Hopefully they instead headed home to spend more time instead of money on their families. That’s what these holidays times should really be about!


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