Transforming Beauty Industry Plastic Into Natural Soap Holders

aus dem plastikmüll der schönheitsindustrie werden seifenhalter

quality checking the new upcycled soap holders


The problem that fueled our natural soap brand, terrorists of beauty, is the fact that plastic pollution is a major byproduct of the beauty industry. Products are wrapped in plastic containers. Products have plastics inside of them. Most products are promoted with ads full of plastic people. We are not plastic. We are humans, part of nature. What we put inside and outside bodies should be natural. Therefore, we decided to make plastic-free natural soaps. But, this is not enough to solve the plastic flood.

Creating Solutions out of the Problem
The beauty industry is taking in 25 billion in profits and pumping out 120 billion units of plastic containers. As much as 70% of plastic waste generated by the industry isn't recycled. At terrorists of beauty, we like to create solutions out of the problem. We decided to make a special series of our popular block soap holder that are usually made of concrete. Our new ones would be recycled out of old shampoo and shower gel bottles using our own recycling machines!


the precious plastic machine and feeding it plastic bottles from your bathrooms!


A Cleaner World for The New Year
Before Christmas, we invited customers to send us 5 HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic bottles from their bathrooms. In return, we would send them a soap holder recycled from their bottles and a block of soap. We used DIY recycling machines based on the Precious Plastic open-source designs. The goal was to convert people’s old polluting habits from the past with a new zero-plastic habit for the new year. The demand was huge and orders poured in!


shredded plastic from your old shampoo and shower gel bottles ready to be given a new life


Facing the Waste
Like Santa’s workshop, we worked hard to have our colourful creations ready and shipped back in time for the holidays. It was hard work, but it was empowering to know we could be players in the fight for a working recycling system since there seem to be major faults in the current system plagued with low percentage recycling and horror stories of our local plastic waste getting sold to third world countries to deal with. Get a glimpse of our local recycling workshop in this NDR report.


some of the new soap holders fresh from the workshop


Hold On To The Future
The demand for the recycled soap holder was through the roof and we hope to increase future production so as to create a permanent product out of it. Currently, we are working out the logistics to make this happen. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our shop and social media for updates.


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