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soap block 003 ∴ protect + calm

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great hair soap thanks to shea butter

for hair + face + body

block 003 calms and provides gentle care. shea butter coats and protects. it sustains your skin and hair’s moisture

💡 this soap is the silky must for everyone with dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin, but also your hair will love it, especially if you have normal to thick or wavy hair that tends to be dry

 🛁 block 003 smells pampering like shea 

 ⏳ statistically, our customers reorder this soap after 2-3 months

👩🏻‍🍳 this soap has intentionally very little but powerful ingredients: olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil and a lot of shea butter

this soap is handmade in a special cold process with cold-pressed oils. each soap is unique, variations in shape, color and scent are totally normal. you can use it up to 36 months after first use

certified as natural cosmetics by NCS standard

natural block soap ∴ plastic-free ∴ vegan ∴ palm oil free ∴ handmade in germany

100 g ℮

ingredients: olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), brassica campestris seed oil (rapeseed oil), ricinus communis seed oil (castor oil), butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter)

saponified with lye

💡 you are not sure if this soap really suits you as... you have strong curls or even afro curls? in this case we recommend block 004. if your skin is impure and dry at the same time, better start with block zero


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hair soap with shea butter – calm your hair down

you are taking a shower in the morning, the natural smell of shea butter in your nose. the soft foam in your hair is running down your neck, caring for your skin and hair at once. wait, a single bar of soap for everything: hair, face and body? Is that possible? definitely with terrorists of beauty ! our hair soap does not only smell great, but also cares perfectly for skin and hair thanks to its premium natural ingredients. this hair soap is vegan and comes without anything you don't need: there are no micro plastics and no palm oil involved, simply radically natural.

block 003: hair soap + a real all-rounder

our hair soap block 003 is not only great for your hair, but also for your face and body. why should you buy three different products for your shower? at terrorists of beauty we offer you several use cases with one soap. are you expecting an endless ingredient list now? wrong! in fact, we only need four valuable ingredients for the caring and soothing effect of this hair soap:

  • shea butter
  • olive oil
  • castor oil
  • rapeseed oil

all these natural ingredients care for your skin in a gentle way, without irritating your skin with unnecessary surfactants or synthetics ingredients. shea butter covers your skin like a protective, soft layer, providing moisture for hair and skin. does this hair soap suit you?

hair soap with shea butter: which skin and hair type is it best for?

you are unique, so your skin and hair care should be tailored to you as well.

  • our hair soap block 003 is ideal for normal to thick hair that tends to be dry, wavy or tangled
  • the soap especially cares for dry and sensitive skin thanks to the gentleness of the shea butter.
  • you are prone to allergies? try our hair soap – thanks to its natural ingredients without synthetic additives, this soap is particularly gentle.

hair soap protects and cares for sensitive scalps as well. our hair soap is a genuine all-rounder. it gives your skin and hair shine and moisture. thanks to the easy lathering, you can also use the soap for shaving. try our plastic-free safety razor for that! you don't need to buy extra shaving foam in a plastic packaging anymore, no hair shampoo, no extra washing gel for the face or body. with block 003 you get a hair soap for everything! it smells awesome, builds a lot of foam and even calms your skin after shaving.

block 003 – perfect as a single or with support

since it is a triple for skin, hair and face, you are completely equipped with our block 003. it looks great on its own in the shower, but you can also change to other terrorists of beauty soaps. you can adjust the care to the current needs of your skin and hair as we are convinced that our hair is as individual as our personalities. if you have very pronounced curls, block 004 is the moste suitable for your hair by the way. this hair soap provides defined curls and is perfect for curly needs: it moisturizes more intensely, gives shine while the nourishing recipes prevents split ends

how do I use hair soap?

you can believe us: when used correctly, hair soap is the best thing to care for your hair. synthetically produced shampoos add artificial substances to hair and scalp which might flatten your hair or clog pores and sebaceous glands. in order to be happy with our hair soap, please follow these tips:

  • before using our hair soaps, wet your hair sufficiently. this is the base to produce a nice foam.
  • after lathering, you should wash your hair extremely thoroughly, ideally with an acidic rinse. otherwise it could happen that they look stringy after washing.
  • start your wash right at the roots and pull the soap from the scalp to the tips as if you were combing your hair. Attention - don't forget the area around the ears and the neck!

love at second sight? in the beginning lathering your hair with hair soap might feel a bit unusual. where is the foam? a lack of lather is often caused by the residues of synthetic shampoos and care products that are still hidden in your hair. these substances destroy the foam of natural hair soap. we recommend: lather your hair a second time and rinse it out with more focus. it may take some weeks for the hair soap to get rid of all the nasty residue of other care products, but it will work very soon! stay patient!

Our ingredients – smart natural care in block 003 hair soap

It's important to know what your daily care products contain. no matter if face cream, toothpaste or the various hair wash products that are offered – there is such a long list of incomprehensible names on most packaging! with us it's different. we reduce our formulations to the essential minimum while keeping them naturally effective. you can count the ingredients of our hair soap block 003 on one hand: olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil and shea butter. these high-quality vegetable oils complement each other ideally in their effect. they work hand in hand to offer you comprehensive care for your skin and hair.

shea butter contains allantoin, which stimulates the cell renewal. the fat of the shea nut transfers moisture to the skin. it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. dry, heavily stressed skin in particular benefits from shea butter. hair soaps with olive oil and shea butter like our block 003 have a protective effect: the vegetable oils or fats can wrap themselves around your hair like a temporary coat, bind the moisture within and allow everything to be absorbed together. at the same time, shea butter has the power to reduce the consequences of heat exposure. sounds good? By the way, our hair soap is gender-neutral, it smells pleasant and simply suitable for everyone.

it's a win-win situation: our hair soap offers natural care to skin and hair. not only you benefit from this treatment but also the environment. if you use our hair soaps instead of conventional care products, you free your bathroom from plastic and synthetics.

discover your new shower friend, our hair soap is tailored to your needs

for every skin and hair type we provide the right natural soap in our shop. With block zero we even offer you a hair soap without olive oil, consisting exclusively of regional oils and fats. it is suitable for most hair types, can help with dandruff and is particularly moisturizing.

why our hair and body soap is best

not only the ingredients of our hair soaps are special, but also our production. Your new hair soap is produced regionally in Germany using the cold stir process, based on cold-pressed, high-quality oils. if you use your hair soap every day, it will last for about 2-3 months but it has an overall shelf life of 36 months from the first application. so if you feel like switching to another block in between, no problem!

cancel out palm oil and plastic in your daily skin and hair care. with our hair soap block 003, a sustainable product with a lot of use cases is moving into your bathroom. now, you have a soap for everything: face, body, shave and hair.

natural soap can't do the whole trick, you think?

it can! we reduce your care in all areas to a natural minimum, but always with a wow effect. in addition to the various types of soap, we offer you a sustainable deodorant. just like our hair soap, it is based on shea butter. sage and lemon is added in order to provide an antibacterial, antifungal, and refreshing effect. why is this sustainable? because the ingredients are all natural, without synthetical additives. and it's a refill! you can simply replace the deodorant bar with a new one as soon as it is empty. our deodorant is not a disposable thing, but a long-term companion. just like our hair soaps, our deodorant is vegan, palm oil-free, aluminum-free and free from microplastics.