schwarze seife block 001 von terrorists of beauty
seife schwarz mit aktivkohle
schwarze seife ohne palmöl
schwarze seife gegen pickel
schwarze seife für haare

soap block 001 ∴ cleanse + strengthen

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black soap with coconut coal + cedar oil

for hair + face + body

thanks to the power of cedar oil, block 001 gives your hair strength and volume. coconut coal cleanses your skin deep down to the pores and reduces the oil production of your glands

💡 ideal for normal to fine or greasy hair, and normal to greasy or impure skin (face + body)

🛁 block 001 smells wonderfully woody like cedar 

⏳ statistically, our customers reorder this soap after 2-3 months

👩🏻‍🍳 this soap contains olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and coconut coal, crafted from natural ingredients

this soap is handmade in a special cold process with cold-pressed oils. each soap is unique, variations in shape, color and scent are totally normal. you can use it up to 36 months after first use

certified as natural cosmetics by NCS standard

100 g ℮

natural block soap ∴ plastic-free ∴ vegan ∴ palm oil free ∴ handmade in germany

ingredients: olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), brassica campestris seed oil (rapeseed oil), ricinus communis seed oil (castor oil), cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil), cedrus atlantica wood oil (cedar oil), charcoal powder

saponified with lye 

 💡 you are not sure if block 001 really suits you as... your hair is thin and dry? or your scalp is very sensitive and you tend to dandruff? do you have rather combination skin than greasy or acne-prone skin? in all these cases we rather recommend block zero to you


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black soap - natural care for face, body and hair

our black soap is made for your face, body and hair. its powerful effect is based on our well-selected natural ingredients: it consists of premium olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, cedar oil and charcoal. so what's the secret? very simple:

  • castor oil softens the skin and promotes collagen production.
  • the cedar oil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • the rapeseed oil has moisturizing properties.

das grundprinzip der schwarzen seife stammt aus afrika und hat dort eine jahrhundertelange tradition in der körper- und haarpflege. wir haben uns dort inspirieren lassen und die grundrezeptur weiter ausgearbeitet. unsere schwarze seife bietet dir dadurch viele benefits: die enthaltenen kaltgepressten öle unserer schwarzen seife pflegen und die wirkstoffe machen sie zur perfekten haarseife für fettiges haar. die vorhandene kohle, welche der schwarzen seife ihre besondere farbe schenkt, hat eine absorbierende wirkung. so werden schmutz und talgablagerungen sanft entfernt. daher reinigt unsere schwarze seife porentief und reduziert die talgproduktion. falls du unter unreiner haut oder fettiger haut leidest, kann unsere schwarze seife 001 zur verbesserung des hautbildes beitragen, genauso wirkt sie als haarseife gegen fettige haare. übrigens: unsere schwarze seife ist aufgrund des enthaltenen zedernöls ein wahres pflegetalent – volumen und stärke für dein haar sind inklusive, während die talgproduktion von kopfhaut und haut gleichzeitg sanft zurückgefahren wird. welche haarseife bei fettigem haar? garantiert diese!

terrorists of beauty black soap where everything is just right

you are looking for a black soap that fights pimples effectively? a product where everything is in tune? from the ingredients of the black soap to the production and the application, you want a unique and complete package? alright - then you are right with our black soap. why?

we care! while others jump on the sustainability train only half-heartedly, we go all in. we take extreme care that ingredients such as our coconut oil or coconut charcoal are certified organic and fair trade. for us, acting sustainably is not just a trend, but a mindset. no greenwashing - we are genuine and transparent. we only use materials of natural origin for our black soap. plastic has no place in our natural soaps, neither as packaging nor as an ingredient with hidden microplastics.

besides sustainability, beauty also plays an important role for us and for you. that's why our black soap is not only environmentally friendly, but also shows an effective effect for your body and hair! on top, it is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom due to its wonderful black color. it is your new daily companion in the shower and cleanses face, body as well as hair gently and effectively. instead of artificial additives and palm oil, we rely on natural scents from coconut and cedar oil for our black soap. the cold-stirring process during production ensures that all valuable ingredients really remain in the soap and can be gently distributed and absorbed by your skin and hair when used under water.

one for all: black soap, apply it on skin and hair

why a black soap? because activated charcoal provides deep cleansing for the whole body. and why an all-in-one product? very simple: one soap for everything - it saves space, time, is easier and still provides your body with everything it needs. why use many different products when our black soap can replace them all? you can use black soap to clean your face after a long day, to wash your hair, and to cleanse your body instead of shower gel. the saponified oils and fats in the soap gently cleanse and moisturize at the same time, while the activated charcoal pulls dirt out of your hair and body. do you already have experience with natural soap? if not, here are some tips on how to use black soap:

  • black soap is solid. unlike conventional shampoo, you have to make sure your hair is completely wet, from the roots to the tips, before applying the soap
  • welcome to your own lather party. lather is important for the soap to wash effectively. so lather it up intensively on your hair. rub, add some water, rub again and finally it will lather up.
  • the fluffy foam has to get rinsed well. the motto here is to wash thoroughly. if there is not enough lather, you are in a transitioning phase. tips for these first weeks with natural soap can be found in our tutorial.
  • if you want, you can use an acid rinse after washing your hair with black soap. this is not a must, but highly recommended in order to achieve the best results with soap.

you can read more about the application of soap for hair in this tutorial .

you don't need to know much in order to use it on your skin: you can first lather up our black soap with a bit of water and then just run it over your body. when you're in the shower, you can just close your eyes and enjoy - you don't have to reach for the shower gel or shampoo bottle anymore and probably don't even need a body lotion afterwards. with our soap for skin and hair, your body has everything it needs!

keep it short and simple

with our products, you do something good for yourself, your skin and your hair. but not only that: you make an important contribution to the environment. honestly: there is already enough plastic floating around in our beautiful oceans. with the products of terrorists of beauty, you design your everyday life more sustainably and can set a sign - every day anew. while shampoo bottles, facial cleanser dispensers etc. used to decorate your bathroom, our soaps create a new, radical statement in the shower. placed into our matching soap holder the black soap turns into a design item. in combination with our other soaps you can create a minimalist but colorful piece of art in your bathroom. not only great to look at, but also great for skin, hair, and environment.

the combination of different nourishing oils provides a premium care experience. the woody cedar scent is pleasant and fresh. with our black soap, you have a product that lasts 2-3 months at daily use and can be used up to 36 months after first use. when you've used up your block, two things will be inevitable: you won't have left any plastic waste behind and you'll be addicted: our black soap is the soap with the biggest fan base, so many people who can't imagine letting anything else touch their bodies ever again. plastic-free, vegan, handmade in germany: your black soap for face, body and hair will also quickly become your best buddy.

natural soap for your needs and demands

black soap is not the right one for your skin? don't worry - we have the right natural soap in stock for you, too. our block zero is made exclusively from regional ingredients and is suitable for hair prone to dandruff. this soap is ideal for normal skin and for mixed skin, as it soothes and relieves skin impurities. except for our block 002 all natural soaps are a triple, they are suitable for face, body and hair at once. block 002 is a natural soap especially suitable for dry and mature skin. the grape seed oil present has a smoothing and strengthening effect on skin and hair. however, we recommend it only for short hair.

good to know: all our natural soaps can also replace shaving cream and beard care products