frequently asked questions

how do i wash my hair with soap? what is a sour rinse?

all these questions we answer in our hair tutorial in detail here

what is the ph level of soap?

our soaps have a ph value of 7,5 - 8,5, hence they are slightly alkaline. this ist an optimal scope for a mild care of hair, face and body

how long does one bar of soap last?

it depends on how often you shower or wash your hair - and whether you have long or short hair. on average, one block lasts for 2-3 months. statistically, our customers reorder our soaps after 73 days in our web shop. if you use it up much faster, the probability is very high that you are overtreating your skin. also consider that skin and hair produce less sebum when using soap continuously, so adjust your use over time accordingly! clean your skin and hair regularly with pure water. the skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the human body - it is sensitive. some dermatologists and studies even say that we should not clean our skin every day, but that the skin is healthiest if you wash it often with water only

can i use your soaps in nature, too?

terrorists of beauty soaps are biodegradable and can therefore be used in nature without hesitation. but please keep in mind that every cleaning product reduces the ph value as well as the surface tension of the water. our soap also does this, which is why it doesn't belong in large quantities in sensitive habitats. so use only as much of it in nature as absolutely necessary. by the way, when using our soap in seawater, it is a bit difficult to use: the formation of foam is significantly reduced, which makes hair washing more difficult

are your soaps suitable for children?

block 003 is suitable for children's skin. nevertheless, keep in mind that children's skin needs much less extra care than adult skin. so what does your child's skin really need? and what has the industry told you? isn't pure water enough? if you decide to use soap, make sure that it doesn't get into your child's eyes because it burns a little bit. for babies, simply add a little bit of foam and some drops of pure organic oil, e.g. almond oil, to the water 

can i use your hair soap for colored or sensitive hair?

we never give a guarantee. every body is different, every hair is different, every skin is different. in general, however, we have many customers with colored or very sensitive hair who get along very well with our soaps. the first hairdressers are also using our soaps very successfully in their salons. but be aware: it takes time! especially if you have very sensitive or chemically treated hair, the transition phase for your hair could take longer. then follow our hair tutorial even more thoroughly and contact our customer service for individual advice

i have very sensitive skin or neurodermatitis. can i still use your soap?

every body is different, every hair is different, every skin is different. when using natural products, the most important thing is that you give your body time and at the same time listen to what it needs. in general, we have many customers who successfully use our soaps for neurodermatitis, eczema, skin impurities or irritations, as these are often the reaction to synthetic ingredients and surfactants of shampoos and shower gels. but we would never offer a guarantee for this. you have to try it! if you have very sensitive or dry facial skin, it might also be advisable to use soap only once a day and to rinse your face in the morning with clear water only

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