block zero

block zero: we make soap radically regional

block zero: wir machen seife radikal regional

block zero

Block Zero puts an end to pointless globalization in the cosmetic industry

In theory, everything we need in our lives grows in front of our doorstep. So why are personal care products full of ingredients coming from the other end of the world? We question this beauty paradigm and challenge ourselves to make a soap for hair, body and face that consists of 100% German regionally grown, harvested and processed ingredients

Palm oil is bad! But the current shift on global markets is not better

Luckily, more and more brands offer palm oil free soaps and care products. But as a replacement for palm oil, a demand for alternative natural oils like coconut oil or shea butter is arising. Our natural soaps block 001-004 for hair, body and face contain these alternative ingredients from sustainable sources. For example, our coconut oil and coconut coal is manufactured by a fair trade women’s cooperative in Ghana. But unfortunately, alternatives to palm oil can turn into an ecological dead end. The problem is the quantity of the worldwide demand. When the request for these natural oils explodes globally, large plantations replace rainforests. Small farmers and small scale producers are kicked off their lands. We want to find a solution closer to home

A soap for hair and body that is radically regional

To initiate a counter movement to the global trend and to maintain full control over all growing conditions of our soaps’ ingredients, we opt for a regional concept similar to the standards in the food industry. Our codex: all ingredients used must be 100% grown, harvested and processed regionally in Germany

Product development is a bigger challenge than expected

German nature offers a lot of interesting ingredients like walnut oil, broccoli oil or poppy. But even when ingredients are grown and available in Germany, this doesn’t mean cosmetics suppliers are using these resources. We talk to a multiple of bio suppliers, but when you dig beneath the surface of the "made in germany" claim, often you find out that the ingredient might be processed in Germany, but the plant behind was grown somewhere in Eastern Europe or even further away. The invisible hand of globalization is in full effect! As an additional challenge, interesting small suppliers of authentic local ingredients are not certified to be used in natural cosmetics

Block Zero is an anti-consumerist reset to zero

About a year of frustrating trial and error later, we proudly present our block zero. It’s a regional mix from German safflower oil, pine oil, calendula, salt from the island of Sylt, chalk from the island of Rügen creating a soap for hair, face and body of the same high quality as our existing soaps. Some of our customers even give us the feedback that, “it’s the best soap for hair, face and body I ever had”. As base oil we use sunflower oil and rape seed oil. Calendula smoothens the skin, safflower oil moisturizes and Sylt’s salt combined with Rügen’s chalk offer additional deep cleansing 

block zero is our proof that it’s possible. We can source ingredients in cosmetics differently with regional alternatives to create a more sustainable industry. If our customers agree with this vision and are satisfied with the soap, this experiment won't simply stay a limited edition to our line, but a permanent product in our assortment

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