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soap for hope ∴ this hand soap helps refugees in greece

soap for hope ∴ diese handseife hilft geflüchteten in griechenland

We continue our Soap for Hope charity project!

Soap for hope, our hand soap that cleans your hands and donates 1 euro to exceptional charity initiatives at the same time

Our first edition of Soap for Hope was launched during the first wave of Covid-19

When the shut down hit Germany, we quickly decided to support the initiative  Kochen für Helden . It’s an association of restaurants providing free meals for doctors and health workers during exhausting Covid shifts while simultaneously creating some income for the closed restaurants


This winter, we give all donations collected toward the refugee crisis in Greece

Some weeks ago, when camp Moria burnt, we could see how the situation of refugees has worsened in Greece: Refugees are locked in, full of fear from covid-19 infections. Without running water or heating, they are left alone without any medical care. While the rich european countries are taking care of their own national issues, battling the pandemic in front of their doorsteps, the refugee crisis has mostly disappeared from headlines and public awareness  

We don’t want to forget the refugees that need more support than ever!

Winter has settled all over europe. Refugees are living in the streets and camps of Greece trying to rough out the conditions of the cold and humid Mediterranean nights. We found a wonderful association of guardian angels called the Medical Volunteers International e.V. that provides primary healthcare for refugees in Greece who can otherwise not access medical care or medications. The hamburg-based charity provides medical care for monthly 4000 refugees. At the moment, medical volunteers international is active in camps and other facilities of athens, thessaloniki and lesbos


we don’t want to make money with the suffering of others

we manufacture and ship our soap for hope at cost price. this project is not about profit. we want to help and improve the health situation and hygienic standards for people in need. each soap is a contribution for medical treatments free from fear, racism or threat of deportation. that’s benefit enough for us

our new soap for hope in greek blue is available online and in retail

our project has widened it’s scope from an initiative in our webshop to engaged retail stores. you find this soap in many budni drugstores but also in hand-selected retail shops like bei Little Wow Hamburgfine little things starnberg, APELREMMEN Salon köln, Pappsalon Itzehoe , Hella & Hermann Oldenburg oder Freiraum Unverpackt Delmenhorst . all these retail partners sell this soap without personal benefit as the soap for hope doesn’t contain a regular margin for retailers

Win-Win: we provide you a premium hand soap

Our soaps for hope are based on olive oil, shea butter and baking soda providing a vigorous though soft cleanse of your hands, all of course in plastic-free packaging

So if you want to help out, give yourself or a friend the gift of soap while giving the gift of hope to someone in the need. Also follow the MIV team and their actions on the ground on Instagram


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