plastic-free july

plasticfree july

The issue of plastic being omnipresent in our daily lives that will eventually find its way into nature that have risks on ecosystems and on our own health is a song we have all heard. Solutions like recycling programs and awareness campaigns have circulated, but the problem seems to only get worse in Germany.

In reality, recycling is a facade

only about 15 percent of what we put in our yellow plastic recycling bin is actually recycled. Much of the other plastic waste is shipped off to impoverished nations in Asia and Africa to deal with. The plastic is accumulating in nature. A study showed that there were 893000 particles in the river rhein per square kilometer. You wonder how is this possible? Plastic hides in so many products, especially beauty products, like shampoos, shower gels and creams that we wash down our drain and end up in our rivers and eventually in our oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has grown to 5 times the size of Germany and soon there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. So it’s time to get serious with a real approach!

We dare you to try Plastic Free July!

This initiative originated 10 years ago to help people understand alternatives and try to live plastic-free for a month and see if you can continue on after. Of course it requires some small efforts and new habits but start with a one or two items and then move onto more.

Get 10% off all July

As plastic-free soap company we can help you to start in your plastic-free bathroom routine with a 10 percent discount in July. Simply use the promo code freeyourbathroom to get rid of shampoo, shampoo, showergel, and facial cleanser at once! Please read the tips and tricks how to master the transition phase from synthetical care products to natural soap. Especially for hair care you have to expect some weeks until your body has fully recovered from the artificial treatments of your usual care products

Once you have eliminated all plastic bottles in your shower you might wonder about your plastic toothbrush or toothpaste. There are other companies that have brought forth ingenuity with other plastic free items like these that we presented last summer at Dockville festival in our « drugstore of the future »

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