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soap block 002 ∴ balance + smooth

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face + body soap with grape seed oil

not suitable for hair

block 002 balances and moisturizes your skin. grape seed oil accelerates recovery and reduces irritations

💡 this face and body soap is perfect for mature skin, normal to dry skin or combination skin

🛁 block 002 is characterized by citrus aromas and a slight scent of bay leaf

⏳ statistically, our customers reorder this soap after 2-3 months

👩🏻‍🍳 grape seed oil is a very light oil providing a gentle but deep moisturizing effect. in total, this soap contains olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, shea butter, spinach, grape seed oil, bay leaf, lemon, and red beet - simply powered by nature

this soap is handmade in a special cold process with cold-pressed oils. each soap is unique, variations in shape, color and scent are totally normal. you can use it up to 36 months after first use

natural block soap ∴ plastic-free ∴ vegan ∴ palm oil free ∴ handmade in germany

certified as natural cosmetics by NCS standard

100 g ℮

ingredients: olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), brassica campestris seed oil (rapeseed oil), ricinus communis seed oil (castor oil), butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), citral, spinacia oleracea leaf powder (spinach), vitis vinifera seed oil (grape seed oil), maltodextrin, litsea cubebba fruit oil (laurel), limonene, beta vulgaris root extract (red beet extract), linalool, geraniol

saponified with lye

💡 you are not sure if block 002 really suits you as... you want a soap that is also suitable for hair? block 002 works only for hair washing if you have very short hair. if you have longer hair better use block zero  

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facial soap by terrorists of beauty: fruity moisture for your skin

making the world a little bit better with every shower, is that possible? we think: yes! every morning in the bathroom you make a decision for a better world with the products you use. plastic packaging, micro-plastics and synthetic materials should have no place in your routines from now on. our face soap with grape seed oil and a slice of shea butter is your new skin care companion. block 002 is a facial soap that cleanses, smoothes and moisturizes your skin, all on a natural basis.

terrorists of beauty facial soap without extras - but with extra effect

most skincare products promise a lot, but deliver very little. instead, they have a long list of supposedly great ingredients on the back. have you ever wondered what all these ingredients mean? with this facial soap (and all our other soaps in general), we provide products without question marks. terrorists of beauty stands for radical formulations:

  • radically effective
  • radically natural
  • radically reduced

our body and face soap block 002 contains only natural ingredients that actually benefit your skin and do not stress it. you've probably heard of grape seed oil, shea butter, laurel, castor and olive oil. All things you know, right? we have developed a body and face soap with these and a few other ingredients that richly nourishes your skin. thanks to the grape seed oil, the soap provides moisture for your skin while washing. In addition, block 002 is gently moisturizing as a facial soap and prevents your skin from drying out. do you have the feeling that your skin still needs more? then buy pure organic grape seed oil at the bio store and massage 2-3 drops into your moist skin after cleansing. that's it!

wash my face with soap? why should I?

which products do you currently use as face and body wash? there are probably at least two, aren't there? with our block 002, you get both in one: it has been developed for face and body and is precisely tailored to the needs of normal skin, mixed skin and mature skin. whether you use it in the evening to cleanse your face or in the morning to wake up in the shower, our facial soap is a real all-rounder. in addition to gentle care, the facial soap provides a fruity fresh scent of lemon and aromatic laurel.

washing the face with soap: is it possible?

is soap good for the face? sure, if it's the right one! our facial soap is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry and mature skin. for our soap, we use only natural ingredients and leave out artificial additives. we reduce in order to create a maximum effect. unlike many conventional soaps, block 002 facial soap is not produced industrially, but manually. we use only natural ingredients and produce everything in germany, without the use of microplastics or palm oil. we rely on high-quality cold-pressed oils, and the natural glycerine derived during the saponification process is one of the skin's natural moisture-retaining factors. it helps your skin to store moisture better in the long term. of course, our soap is free from artificial colors and additives. animal ingredients also have no chance in our production , we are 100 % vegan.

choosing the right care product is very important for your skin. with our facial soap, you get a natural, mild and at the same time effective cleansing for face and body. does your skin have special needs? take a look at our natural soaps. we are sure there will be the right one for you. if you use make-up, especially eye make-up, we recommend removing it with a little bit of grape seed oil, which you put on a pad to remove the make-up. clean everything after as usual with soap, just avoid the eyes.

unlike all our other natural soaps, our block 002 is only suitable for face and body, but that doesn't make it any less special. the formula doesn't lather well enough for the hair, ok, but the contained grape seed oil is a real anti-aging bomb. only if you have very short hair, you can still use block 002 for washing your hair but if you have longer hair we better recommend block zero this soa is suitable for all hair types and consists exclusively of premium local ingredients.

ingredients that complement each other perfectly: facial soap for daily cleansing

we want our products to make you feel good every day. that's why we formulate them in a way that they will care for your body every day. whether it's facial soap, hair soap or deodorant, every product of terrorists of beauty is skin-friendly. our natural active ingredients complement each other perfectly.

the grape seed oil in our facial soap is one of the highest quality oils in the world. due to the antioxidants it contains, it is particularly valuable in the anti-aging scene and is suitable for all skin types. it provides your skin with a large portion of moisture.

  • grape seed oil contains linoleic acid or omega-6, playing an important role in cell renewal and wound healing of irritated skin.
  • the procyanidins from grape seed oil belong to the antioxidants and protect the skin from external influences as well as from free radicals, which can speed-up skin aging.
  • in addition to grape seed oil, we also use laurel oil for your new face soap. this is a cold pressed oil directly from almost freshly harvested laurel leaves. laurel oil has an antibacterial effect and can thus be a valuable support for skin irritations such as acne, dry skin or eczema.
  • the little splash of lemon gives the facial soap its fabulous scent, but also provides anti-inflammatory properties.

long story short: thanks to its high-quality ingredients, our facial soap block 002 intesively cares for your skin. it is suitable for oily, mixed and dry skin and can be used every day. the face soap does not clog pores and is therefore (due to its anti-inflammatory properties) also a daily companion for blemished skin. your new must-have? definitely! this facial soap is a real all-rounder for body and face. the smoothing and caring properties go hand in hand here, so that you won't want to use any other soap after the first application at the latest.

your daily dose of skincare with terrorists of beauty

you wonder how long our solid facial soap lasts in comparison to conventional facial cleanser or shower gel? with daily use, your face + body soap will stay with you for about 2-3 months. and the best thing is: after the first use, this soap will be fine to use for 36 months. so even if you don't use it up right away or you want to switch to other soaps like our block 001you can still go back to your block 002 any time. unlike other soaps, our facial soap stays by your side. by the way, this applies to all natural soaps by terrorists of beauty

terrorists of beauty: radical changes in your bathroom

have you already tried several soaps for face and body? the formulations and qualities differ a lot from each other. at terrorists of beauty, you can rely on all-time perfect quality. unlike other products or manufacturers, you won't find any ingredients with us, of which you yourself won't know exactly what it is. we leave out everything that doesn't have to be there!

every day, we pay attention to a healthy nutrition, but what about our skin? even when it comes to face and body care, you should check what's in it. ingredients you've never heard of or chemical formulations are a no-go for us.

our mild facial soap offers your skin everything it needs - without artificial additives. palm oil and animal ingredients? we don't need them. we focus on conscious production and first-class quality while selecting our ingredients. in addition to natural INCI, there is another important point: plastic. we neither use plastic as packaging nor in our soap. microplastics in the bathroom? we say no! we omit permanent plastic packaging or environmentally harmful residues that disappear down the drain. instead, you get a healthy portion of daily care for your skin from us.

let's make a change. with our facial soap, you can create more sustainable routines. you can trust our natural active ingredients and sustainable production. our soaps are manufactured using the cold-stirring method. all the power of our ingredients remain in the facial soap so that your skin can benefit perfectly from the caring properties. the glycerin produced during the saponification process also remains and forms a kind of protective barrier on your skin, preventing it from drying out. our facial soap for dry and sensitive skin is your new daily companion, environmentally friendly and effective.